You can’t have remarkable
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Research & Insight

Do you know what your customers think while they browse your stores, visit your website, or interact with any other part of your brand experience? Does your brand experience translate your values across all of your consumer facing channels and ensure customer satisfaction?

Many brands suffer as the result of incomplete or out of date insight into their customer experience, and this is where our team come in. We can help to answer those questions through curated workshops, using consumer research methods that generate invaluable insight and inform the design concepts. Through this process, you can maximise profits and investments with the knowledge that your brand experience is mapped out to positively impact your customers’ journey.

Brand Research & Insight

We have a breadth of knowledge and skills, with a foundation in customer analysis and segmentation that has been exercised across many projects over the years. Our team has worked with brands big and small across multiple countries, giving us experience in drawing out constructive insight. We conduct in-depth research into your target audience and brand channels; and investigate the issues within your customer journey that affect negatively your customer experience. We begin with your brand’s ‘pain points’, afterwards, we can focus on the moments in your brand experience that have to be improved or transformed, so as to generate the greatest return on your investment. This might result in a focus on individual channels such as a physical store, an online transactions portal, a mobile app, or call centre – but we can also offer a holistic review of your entire brand offer.

Brand Research & Insight Agency London

We use a variety of qualitative user-research methods to analyse the experience that you offer your customers. These range from in-depth interviews to experience maps, customer journeys, and contextual enquiries (to name but a few). If you’re looking to understand how your customers navigate your retail experience, and how you can make design improvements accordingly. If you want to identify the areas in the customer journey that don’t perform well. If you want to offer a new and innovative digital service solution, or if you wish to measure the impact of a recent design overhaul. For any of the above, you’ve come to the right place.

Brand Research and Insight Firm

Our mission is to work collaboratively with you, to adapt our methodology based on the scope of your project and business needs. After all, you want the recommendations we make to have a real impact on your bottom line. Whether you’re considering an overhaul of your entire customer experience, or looking to start by optimising one key element, we build a research and insight plan with your objectives at heart. Throughout the project we will check in with your team regularly, to maintain alignment and ensure our final output reflects your expectations and fulfills your needs.

Work with us

Using our research methodology, you stand to gain new and detailed insight into how your brand performs in your market and what customer perceptions are. That knowledge can inform business decisions that will lead to greater success and more impactful accomplishments. Take a look at the work we have done with Oto Pratik and Turkcell, then get in touch to find out how our research and insight can benefit your brand.

Customer Experience

Customer experience matters more today than ever before. With choice to be had in almost every purchasing scenario, customer experience is increasingly a key differentiator for brands. Those that get it right, reap the rewards of priceless positive word of mouth, leading to heightened brand awareness and a growing loyal customer base.

 The elements that go into making a great customer experience will differ depending on your brand and your industry. However, we believe that what remains consistent, is a need to know and understand your customers, so that you may build an experience based on their needs and expectations.

Customer Experience Strategy & Consulting

Our research approach is informed by our philosophy of people inspired experiences. By that we mean putting people at the heart of everything we do. Working with you, we’ll conduct comprehensive interviews to get in-depth understanding of your brand. By assessing how your brand is currently perceived and investigate pain points, we can uncover places in the customer journey where the experience you offer can be elevated strategically through smart and beautiful design. Primary research is combined in our methodology with speaking to key stakeholders from across your organisation. We do this so that we can understand your business both inside and out, which also helps in reporting an accurate and implementable customer experience.

Digital Customer Experience

The experience you offer your customers online is a crucial part of your brand’s ecosystem, even if you sell primarily in physical stores. Your digital presence is often the first touchpoint that a new customer interacts with, therefore it needs to align with the rest of your brand experience. We can help you identify the elements of your brand that need to be revised, as well as how to best translate them into a physical or virtual space. Our team of design experts will map out each stage of the customer experience, to help you better define the role of your digital channels and how best to optimise them.

Customer Experience Consulting

Whether your goal is a one-off event, pop-up experience or improvements to the daily functioning of your customer experience, our designers and consultants are here to help. We’ve worked on various sized projects and in many different countries, making us experts in advising how to create an exceptional customer experience. While we pride ourselves on many years of experience in the industry, our team always remains curious and endlessly enthusiastic about the latest trends, strategies and new design concepts. Your project, is an opportunity for us to discover what makes your brand unique and to work together to ensure it delivers on its potential.

Work with us

Improving the customer experience is fundamental to success in today’s world. Especially with such fierce competition in most markets, where a negative experience can land a bad review that can go viral instantly. Let us help you to make sure, that your experience delivers what your customers want; explore the work we’ve done with Wall’s, Eastpak and then get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping helps businesses to visualise the different ways in which consumers interact with their brand and products. It begins by questioning the ‘how’ and ‘where’, the origin of the awareness of a brand – finding out whether it is a digital advert, passing a shop on the high street, or through word of mouth? Our comprehensive mapping, will chart the journeys that your customers take from these initial awareness-moments all the way through to purchase, advocacy and beyond. Together, we will use our mapping structures to truly understand your brand offer, and how best to create impactful moments at each stage of your brand’s customer journey.

Customer Journey Mapping Agency

We’re firm believers, that the key to gaining insight into your brand experience is to first review the problems your customers encounter. Working together, we can acquire data and insight that is unique to you and your brand, using a strategic approach based on your current customer journey. We work collaboratively with your team to map out the steps of your ideal customer journey. From there we conduct first-hand research to uncover whether these are an accurate reflection of how customers really interact with your brand. By comparing the two versions we can identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make data-informed decisions about how and where to invest in your brand experience.

Digital Customer Journey Mapping

The way your website and mobile apps are integrated within your customer journey are vital features of your brand experience. However, with brands’ tendencies to develop customer facing touch points differently over time, they often end up with inconsistencies in the design and the overall tone of voice. These types of irregularities create a fragmentation in your customers’ journey when they interact with the various channels of your brand. We can help by taking a comprehensive look at the entirety of your brand offer. We will map the intersections between the physical and digital realms, to assess how they should be navigated and to determine the role that digital should play in your overall brand offer.

Mapping Customer Journeys

This mapping strategy involves retracing the steps your customers take; interviewing them to understand their motivations and emotional responses towards each stages of your customer journey. We use this approach to recognise how people are interacting with your brand, so that we can create a strategically informed design concept with an improved experience. By taking an approach that is always inspired by the experiences of people, we keep your customers at the heart of the work that we do. We help facilitate customer journey interviews to support our research findings. Our analysis of your customer interviews plays a pivotal role in the design recommendations we offer as an output of our work with you.

Work with us

We incorporate elements of the customer journey mapping into all of our projects: to better understand your customers’ experience and needs, so as to ultimately make well-informed design recommendations specific to your brand. Read about the work we have done with Turkcell and Raiffeisen and then speak to us about your next project that would benefit from customer journey mapping.


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