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If you’re a large international bank that wants to set the global benchmark or you’re a young bank that wants to challenge the status quo, you have come to the right place.

Are you a large international bank that wants to set a global benchmark? Or a young bank with a mission to challenge the status quo? Whatever stage you’re at in the growth of your institution, you need branding and design that works for you. We take your ambitions personally and will partner with you to help you achieve them.

Over 15 years of working with executive banking teams all over the world has given us extensive insight into building brands in the financial sector, as well as branch format strategy, branch design and digital integration. We combine this knowledge with our unique approach to researching consumer behaviour to ensure that when you work with us, the results deliver on your KPIs and delight your customers.

We are Bank Designers

We are bank designers who understand the global world of banking, so we understand what’s going to make you stand out. The financial brands we create and develop have proud identities, boldly capturing the attention of the public in ways designed to engender trust and build engagement.

Through a series of tailored workshops and primary research, we’ll work with you to articulate what is unique and resonates with consumers about your brand; in short, its essence. From the essence we will build a branded ecosystem that speaks your identity, message and values to consumers at every touch point.

Bank Interior Design Considerations

Where are your customers banking today and where would they like to bank tomorrow? Lifestyles are changing, and expectations with them, so we seek to understand the landscape you operate in, your target customer groups and your market positioning.

Our meticulous and unique customer research methodology will give you the answers you need to create a branch format strategy that is unique to your financial institution and that will stand  the test of time. We start with your customers, deep diving to learn how they bank as well as more broadly how they live the rest of their lives. This is the foundation of our strategic approach. It allows us to design spaces that exceed expectations and push the boundaries of how a bank can benefit the people it serves.

Branch Format Strategy Design

From a flagship Branch of the Future to a digital kiosk, before we design anything we’ll look at your current branch customer journey. We’ll work with you to identify customer missions and plot them through the branch, assessing pain points and opportunities to elevate the experience. Your close collaboration empowers us to develop well-thought out solutions that will deliver against your goals of improved business performance and customer satisfaction.

The branch is the face of your bank and even if its role has changed with the onset of online banking, its importance hasn’t. We create spaces for people to interact and our working knowledge of cutting edge technological trends means we can also recommend and specify the best and most relevant digital innovations, delighting your customers and keeping you a step ahead of the competition.

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Our clients work with us because our projects deliver significant improvements in business performance and levels of customer satisfaction. Read more about our successes with Nationwide, Garanti, UniCredit and more, then speak to us about working together to achieve your goals in bank branding and bank design.

We are an award-winning bank design agency working with finance brands from all over the world. No challenge is too much for our team of experienced designers who will work with you to bring your ideas and creativity to life. Contact us today to start the discussion and watch your journey begin.

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