Eat, sleep and drink Whitbread

Whitbread Brand Identity & Visual Language Refresh

Whitbread commissioned I-AM to refresh their logotype and brand identity as part of a scheme to create a new narrative for the company. They also wanted replace the final remnants of an
ex-brewing reputation that still existed in some areas.

A Family Of Brands

Whitbread is not a customer facing company; rather, it is the bedrock foundation beneath a family of brands. As such,
I-AM identified two high priority target audiences: while it was important for Whitbread to be seen by those in the City as
a well-run and dynamic business it was also important for employees to view Whitbread as a place they could be proud
to spend their careers.

Brand Positioning

I-AM have positioned Whitbread as ‘the eat, sleep and drink company’ – both an indication of the activities of the business
and an expression of the commitment the employees have towards the company and its customers.

What we did

Brand Mark
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Visual Language