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Hasan Vatan CEO, Vatan

Vatan Retail Brand Strategy & Interior Design

Vatan are one of the largest and most forward-looking electronics retailers in Turkey. Vatan asked I-AM to create a niche retail format specifically focused on notebook computers.

An Innovative Lifestyle-Led Approach

I-AM developed a name, brand identity, physical environment
and retail experience for the new format. With an innovative lifestyle-led approach to the window displays, customers are drawn into a highly interactive environment with an intuitive product display. Knowledgeable staff, wearing I-AM designed uniforms, are on hand to help the customer find the perfect notebook for their needs.

Attracting New Customers

The initial test sites have proven a considerable success for Vatan, showing strong sales and attracting new customers. Consequently, I-AM have been commissioned to roll out the new format across 25 new sites in Turkey.

Vatan Notebook digital Customer Experience Design
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