I-AM engineered an end-to-end student centred experience design that has become the essence of the Vanta brand.
Stephen Rae Vice President of Growth Initiatives, Apollo

Vanta School Education Branding & Interior Design

Apollo Group Inc. is a US leader in adult and online education. They aim to advance access to quality global education through visionary leadership, dynamic student and faculty culture and an impressive local and national reputation.

International Interior Design Agency

The brief was to create a brand for a new form of adult education, which included name generation, brand identity and tone of voice. I-AM created a versatile brand language that could be easily translated and understood across a number of countries and cultures.

Flexible Space

The space that I-AM created for the face-to-face learning at Vanta is an incredibly flexible space allowing mentors and students to easily meet in a comfortable and inspiring environment. The online Vanta pilots are up and running and experiencing great success.

What we did

Brand Identity
Name Generation
Tone of Voice
Brand Application
Interior Design