A global identity for India’s
biggest dance festival

Sunburn Festival Brand Strategy & Brand Identity

Sunburn is the biggest music festival in Asia, attracting dance fans and sun lovers from around the globe to see the biggest DJs on the planet. I-AM were appointed to re-organise the existing brand and its sub-brands to support horizontal and vertical expansion into merchandising, retail, online and local product sales.

Brand Architecture for Consumer and Corporate

I-AM arranged the brand architecture to fit both consumer and corporate purposes by standardising the identity and allowing it to be used easily across all communications while retaining an element of flexibility to allow for different brand personalities and local influences.

The branding has been tightened and structured but there remains room for flexibility further down the line, as the brand has potential to become more adaptable and creative when moving into new markets. The work by I-AM has provided Sunburn with a personality that can be spread around the world yet remains true to its DNA.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Mark
Brand Application