A design to promote the MINI Paceman in Turkey

MINI Paceman Retail Brand Experience Design

I-AM collaborated with MINI in an extraordinary design project to promote their latest model, the MINI Paceman, in Turkey. Our Managing Director in Istanbul, Emre Kuzlu, participated in the project and contributed a design of his interpretation of the newest member of the MINI family.

An Inspired Design

The design was inspired by the ‘strong’ and ‘courageous’ attributes of the model and was created with the aim of surprising and provoking viewers with its unusual geometrical composition. Perceived differently from alternate angles as a result of the graphic design reflected on its surface, the I-AM Paceman evokes a sense of surprise in the beholder and creates an illusion of motion when the car is stationary.

The design garnered large amounts of interest from the public and was exhibited in Istanbul’s renowned neighbourhood, Galata throughout May 2013.

What we did

Brand Application
Graphic Design