Rediscovering Turkey’s tavern culture for a new generation

Mey Safi Meyhane Restaurant Branding & Interior Design

I-AM were commissioned to design a range of restaurant concepts for Diageo to be implemented across Turkey. The brief demanded architectural, interior design and branding expertise.

Targeting An Urban Demographic

Following in-depth market research, I-AM determined two different concepts – one modern, one vintage – that aimed to reintroduce Turkey’s tavern culture to the younger generation. The research pointed to the value of sharing, and this theme was reflected across the architectural and branding elements. For the ‘modern’ Safi Meyhane, I-AM created a tavern that targeted a young and urban demographic. Unconventional details such as poser tables and a fast-service ‘rakı’ bar were implemented.

A Modern Approach to a Traditional Experience

The result is a modern approach to an otherwise very traditional experience. I-AM’s concepts and designs for the ‘modern’ and ‘vintage’ taverns continue to be applied across Turkey.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Application
Interior Design