Our new showroom designed
by I-AM has had lots of positive press and footfall has increased dramatically.
Marketing Director Material Lab

Material Lab Retail Branding & Interior Design

Material Lab is a location that gives designers and architects the opportunity to discuss projects and source innovative materials.
It now occupies an illustrious location in London.

A Dynamic and Creative Environment

I-AM’s design solutions signalled a massive departure from typical showrooms, moving away from the clinical image and towards a more dynamic and creative environment. Features such as the ‘Wet Zone’ and ‘Dry Zone’ allow architects and designers to practically explore materials, leading to increased interaction
and ultimately, resulting in improved customer engagement.

Material Lab has enjoyed great commercial success. The I-AM brandingsolutions have resulted in increased awareness amongst emerging designers and architects. In addition, Material Lab
has received acclaim from architects such as Piers Gough
and Will Allsop.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Application
Interior Design