Branding your local
area health authority

Lloyds Pharmacy Retail Branding & Interior Design

Lloyds Pharmacy is the UK’s second largest pharmacy chain
with over 2000 outlets. They have developed a highly successful retail strategy that focuses on secondary locations and local communities.

A New Brand Experience

I-AM were asked to create a new brand experience that positions Lloyds Pharmacy as ‘The Local Area Health Authority’ and promotes increased sales through greater interaction with the pharmacist. I-AM designed the experience to offer the best face-to-face advice, removing traditional physical and emotional barriers between customer and pharmacist.

Three Branding Retail Solutions

The new stores have been a considerable commercial success and the new design has been rolled out across the Lloyds estate. I-AM and Lloyds have since developed a suite of three retail solutions to suit specific customer needs in the Local Neighbourhood, at the Health Centre and on the High Street.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Application
Interior Design