Because of the work done by I-AM, every day is as busy as a weekend, we always sell out of everything.
Claire Buyson Founder, Lakwatsa

Lakwatsa Branding & Interior Design

I-AM developed the Lakwatsa brand by creating a new identity, brand communication, and store design concept that focused on founder Claire’s personality and family background.

A Family-Friendly Atmosphere

This included creating a family-friendly lounge atmosphere that reflects the Lakwatsa brand personality. The concept included swing seats of stripped back wood and vegetable crates topped with cushions held on by belts for additional seating. Other elements include a scrabble letter menu board and a loyalty card system that features Polaroid pictures on Lakwatsa loyalty cards posted on a community wall.

Dubbed ‘the Starbucks of bubble tea’ in Marie Claire magazine, Lakwatsa has been going from strength to strength, and its loyal fan base continues to grow.

What we did

Brand Identity
Brand Mark
Brand Application
Interior Design