The new sales lounges have moved our company image on to another level and helped our sites completely stand out from our competitors.
Kye Wheatley CEO and Co-founder, Keatons

Keatons Sale Lounge Interior Design

The Keatons directors are ambitious, visionary and way more personable than the widespread stereotype of their trade would suggest. After creating their brand strategy together, I-AM created a fresh new brand identity that has allowed Keatons to be noticed in their world, on the streets and online. The new website and suite of branded literature has handed negotiators distinctive tools that express the Keatons personality to stand out and connect with property buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in this competitive marketplace.

Keatons Sale Lounge Branding

I-AM applied this brand image, personality and tone to their growing site network both as a low-cost ‘mini-fit’ makeover and, in new sites, full fit-outs.

The result is a striking, coherent and sophisticated brand image that gives a platform for Keatons to achieve ambitious plans for growth and expansion, rising above the ‘also-rans’ in this crowded sector. I-AM continue to work with Keatons on the on-going development and application of the new brand experience to each new site they open.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Application
Visual Language
Interior Design
Website Design