I-AM are a joy to work with.
I believe the team's positive energy and courageous, innovative ideas form their success.
Sedat Özgür Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kale Kilit

Kale Kilit Showroom Brand Application & Interior Design

I-AM were commissioned to design a flagship showroom for Kale Kilit, the leading home security systems manufacturer in Turkey. The goal was to move away from a conventional showroom by creating a unique customer experience.

Kale Killit Multi-Purpose Space

The showroom design by I-AM is a multi-purpose space where Kale Kilit can host a variety of events such as product launches, seminars and conferences. I-AM have transformed the space from a closed hub into an open exhibition area, where integrated security solutions can be displayed in a way that allows customers to experience the products at first-hand. Four different ‘experience rooms’ were created using different colour codes, music and scents to evoke four different environments: high-tech home, standard home, hotel, and office. The unique layout of the showroom is supported by digital applications and interactive screens that portray the brand’s story and product details.

As a result, the structure has been transformed into a multi-sensory social and experiential environment for Kale Kilit’s customers.

What we did

Brand Application
Interior Design
Layout & Zoning
Digital Media