Bringing the magic to Intel’s
retail experience

Intel Customer Journey Analysis & Strategic Planning

Intel wanted to bring the ‘magic’ of their brand to life through a retail experience that would accentuate and emphasise their proposition, ‘It’s not what we make, it’s what we make possible’. By doing this they hoped to allow potential customers to fully experience what Intel really delivers.

The Customer Journey

Through a high-level thought leadership programme, I-AM initiated a move from ‘Spec + Price’-based selling to ‘Benefits’-led buying. This meant outlining customer journeys from ‘Spec’ to ‘Features’ then through understanding an individual customer’s likely usage, to ‘Benefits’. Within these customer journeys, I-AM identified key ‘Moments of Truth’ that were designed and developed in partnership with retailers to build in-depth customer buy-in to Intel product benefits leading to purchase and long-term brand loyalty.

What we did

Strategic Planning
Thought Leadership
Customer Journey Analysis
Customer Evaluation