I-AM fully delivered against our brief and exceeded our expectations. They provided good strategic thinking combined with solid operational know-how and
a pragmatic approach to retail.
Ricardo Bellini Marketing Director, Diesel

Diesel Brand Strategy & Interior Design

For over two decades Diesel has been seen as the black sheep of fashion brands, sitting outside the pack, adored by its loyal army of followers across the globe. However, the brand of late has drifted into the mainstream and needs to connect with a new audience by once again standing out and doing things differently.

Diesel Branding & Brand Communication

I-AM were asked to recommend a series of brand development principles that would once again rebuild Diesel’s maverick status through innovative and unprecedented retail design.

By researching every aspect of the Diesel customer experience, I-AM outlined a UK retail strategy to ensure Diesel regain their edge through their in-store experience.

Diesel Coloured
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What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Application
Retail Strategy
Store Design

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Diesel Coloured
Diesel Coloured
Diesel Coloured