We love Comptoir Libanais not
only for its delicious Lebanese fast food but for its stylish surroundings.
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Comptoir Libanais Brand Application & Interior Design

Tony Kitous, the brains behind popular London restaurants Levant, Kenza and Pasha is the man responsible for putting glamour into mezze dining.

Tony launched the Comptoir Libanais café concept providing ‘food to share’ within a unique and eclectic environment inspired by the faded glamour of 1950’s Middle East.

Branding Comptoir Libanais

We worked with Tony to define and express the brand personality for Comptoir Libanais, applying it to their restaurant in the O2 Centre on Finchley Road, London. The vibrant brand language created by Rana Salam has been applied to all aspects of the restaurant interior design, product packaging and super graphics giving Comptoir its iconic look.

The brand experience captures the very essence of unconventional Middle Eastern glamour and has been nominated for ‘Best Restaurant Multiple’ of the year by Restaurant Magazine.

Comptoir Libanais Restaurant Interior Design
Comptoir Libanais Logo
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tttComptoir Libanais Restaurant Interior Design
Comptoir Libanais Restaurant Interior Design