Since working with I-AM,
Chilango has achieved 100%
uplift in sales. This is unheard
of in the restaurant industry.
Dan Houghton Founding Partner, Chilango

Chilango Restaurant Branding

The Chilango experience is ‘a stampede of Mexican flavours’; the name, mark and visual language had to deliver on this promise at every touch-point. The creation of a new name and language lifted an existing offer into a dominant position in the London fast-casual market.

Key Elements

I-AM created a kit of key elements that can be applied in all branding environments. There is the ability for the brand to grow and adapt to different locations and market places.

Neon, graffiti, religion and wrestling are all in the mix. The result is a modern and urban brand that captures the bustle and excitement of Mexico City, and the spice and colour of its street food inspired menu.

What we did

Name Generation
Brand Identity
Visual Language
Restaurant Signage
Website Design