The brand identity created by I-AM has given us a strong position within the Indian education sector.
Marketing Director Bridge School of Management

Bridge Education Branding

The collaboration between HT Media and Apollo Group aimed to build an innovative, world-class, industry-oriented, higher education institution with a focus on business and management skills. I-AM were asked to create a new brand for Bridge School of Management which would stand out from the competition.

Brand Identity & Name Generation

I-AM undertook a name generation exercise; the name had to work on a ‘global’ level as well as in the Indian market. The name had to be based on the idea of career progression, moving forward and reaching a goal.

I-AM created a brand solution that included the wave emblem, representing movement and student progression, a contemporary and sophisticated colour palette, and a simple informative system for brand collateral.

What we did

Name Generation
Brand Identity
Brand Application
Brand Collateral