A welcoming and contemporary store concept

Atasun Retail Branding & Interior Design

With over 4,500 stores in 45 countries, Atasun is one of the leading optic firms in Turkey. I-AM were commissioned to create a new customer experience for the brand and design a new architectural concept for their stores.

Atasun Fashion Store Design & Interior Design

While creating the concept, I-AM focused on portraying two elements through their interior design: the brand’s expertise in the field and its accessibility. A layout and display system that allows customers to easily try on all products was constructed in addition to designated ‘promotion corners’. Seating areas where customers can seek assistance and obtain visual measurements from qualified experts were centralised in the space. With the prominent and innovative use of orange, the brand’s corporate colour, the stores are highly visible and attractive and footfall has increased immediately.

Welcoming & Contemporary Store Design

The result is a welcoming and contemporary store concept that attracts customers and supports the brand’s image. I-AM’s design concept continues to be applied across Atasun Optik’s network of stores across Turkey.

Atasun branch design
Atasun Optik Store Design Logo
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tttAtasun branch design
Atasun branch design
Atasun branch design
Atasun branch design