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Trends in Hospitality Design 10th October 2014

At I-AM we’re very mindful of current trends that resonate well with consumers. Food trends, like fashion, come and go and now faster than ever. Everything goes and the offer is vast. Here, we have rounded up some of the most recent trends in hospitality design: 

  • When designing a space, keep in mind the 3 EX’s: Experience, Experimentation and Excitement

These days, dining out is about offering an experience. Before we start designing a restaurant or a bar space we need to storyboard the customer experience like a film and think about the key touch-points within that space. Designing a restaurant is all about creating a holistic experience to capture the senses.

  • Cultural influences in food and drink are reflected in design 

Overly-themed design concepts are becoming dated. The recent trend is all about using an eclectic approach to design and subtle references.

Andean and Asian cuisine are currently at the forefront of this trend. Therefore interesting patterns, little bursts of bold colours and textures are key standout design features.

Exposed brickwork is a prevalent design feature of this trend and was utilized by our designers in the interiors of fast-casual restaurant Pizza Union: a spectacular wood fire oven serving as the focal point of the design, alongside the marble counter and open kitchen, which adds a theatrical element. 

  • Healthy does not equal boring

From cold-pressed kale juices via chia seeds, to superfoods. The health food market is booming.

Green is the new black when designing for health-led restaurant concepts. Ethos restaurant on Eastcastle Street, designed by us here at I-AM is a perfect example

Senior Designer, James Coates said: “Ethos is a non-meat restaurant. The appeal of clean and fresh food is reflected into the design of the interiors, starting with the clean colour palette: subtle tonal values, crafted design elements and eye-catching features are all part of the story.”

  • Comfort 

From humble toast and eggs, to authentic homemade pasta, the culinary trend of offering few, but well made dishes in appropriate surroundings is spreading.

In these spaces, it’s all about utilising tactile materials including warm lighting and comfy seating, to create familiar surroundings.

For example, fast-casual Italian restaurant Scarpetta introduced a rich and varied palette including timber flooring, leather seating and exposed copper piping. These features add warmth and texture to the contrasting black and white tiles of the serving counter.  The result is a space that is industrial, yet rustic.

  • The Big Smoke

BBQ smoke, big meats and grills are very much the flavour of 2014, inspired by authentic flavours, ranging from Tex-Mex to Latin American cooking.

The interiors in these restaurants therefore reflect this attitude – loud, bold, fun, and with strong theatrical elements. Two I-AM projects in Chilango and Steakout reflect these points well.

In both restaurants, the strong branding element comes across instantly, with a bold attitude.

Chilango perfectly captures the essence of gritty and urban Modern Mexico, with a twist of urban cool. The interior concept is fast, vibrant and energizing. Vivid colour, a sense of fun has proven a recipe for success.

The concept for Steakout is contemporary, textural, warm and authentic – with a ‘touch of bling’ and tongue-in cheek bovine references throughout, expressing the passion and personality of the brand.

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