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I-AM THREE THINGS October 2019 30th September 2019

What is Three things? Three Things blog posts covers news-bits that showcase an impact on PEOPLE along with INSPIRING works whether it is design, strategy or concept-led, and shares with you entertaining new EXPERIENCES. In other words the I-AM ethos.

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Starbucks express

If you thought Starbucks was already convenient enough with its ordering and payments  app, its latest store innovation in China pushes the boundaries of convenience even further.

Starbucks has always been a leader in ease of  access to its products and services,  it consistently improves the experience across all customer touch-points with technology and even its effort to step away from the usual ‘cookie cutter’ approach to chain-store design. Its now upping its convenience factor with the opening of an express retail store in Beijing, aiming to streamline delivery and pick-up services for its customers and drivers in the city. The ‘Starbucks Now’ store features little seating and focuses more on its in-wall ‘pick-up portals’, where after ordering on the Starbucks app customers can collect their orders without queuing.  This retail concept also acts as a central hub to assist delivery orders for the Starbucks stores nearby, acting as support when they’re busy. Starbucks plans to roll out these express stores across China, concentrated in high footfall areas such as transport hubs and business districts.

This express store  is further evidence that convenience continues be a a major factor in consumer purchasing decisions. Our upcoming trends report explores  the future of convenience, and our research found  that “Nearly two thirds of customers would be happy for their local store to be fully automated” – I-AM Trends & Insight, 2019.

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Our upcoming “Next-gen Convenience” trends report will be launching this November!

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There are so many ways to read books digitally nowadays, but New York Public Library latest initiatives is by far one of the most creative and fun ways to do so!

New York Public Library has tapped into their instagram account showcasing full novels on its ‘stories’ feature, designed for small screen and incorporating animations, bringing the stories to life. The project coined ‘Insta Novels’ is part of NYPL’s goal to reach beyond its library and connect with its 400 million followers through the best of classic literature.

Since its launch in August this year 300 000 people have read Insta Novels – and whilst Instagram seems like an unlikely platform to showcase words rather than images, the design was carefully thought through, with fun animated content, balancing a user-friendly experience that takes into account their approach to reading as well as the insta stories’ existing interface. NYPL commissioned different artist to design the cover and graphics of each novel shared, taking advantage of Instagram’s focus on visuals to create compelling animations that would convince people to give the story a shot.

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I-AM blog_3 things_header3FRIEZE

The mother of all artfairs is coming up, Frieze London is on from the 3rd to 6th of October in Regent’s Park.

Featuring over 160 leading international galleries, visitors have the opportunity to check out over 1000 of the worlds’ leading artists’ work. The fair includes curated talks from “100 years after the Bauhaus” to Frieze Master’s guest-talks with the likes of Ai Weiwei, Elizabeth Peyton and Mark Bradford, discussing the connections between historical art and contemporary practices. There will also be performances, immersive experiences and tours as well as the off-site Frieze Music. Get your year’s dose of culture and art !

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