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I-AM THREE THINGS June 2020 8th June 2020

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Non-essential shops can reopen in England from 15 June if they meet guidelines to protect staff and shoppers, whilst the UK government is also looking to speed up the timetable for the hospitality sector in an attempt to prevent up to 3.5 million workers losing their jobs.

But what is the consumer sentiment and consensus towards this supposed return to normality?

In the UK consumers are wary of returning to places like pubs, restaurants and coffee shops, new data from YouGov show, even as the government eyes a path to reopening sections of the economy.

Whereas according to S&P Intelligence who surveyed primarily in the US and Canada – 40% of consumers surveyed said they plan to start shopping at retail stores as soon as state and local restrictions on movement and nonessential businesses ease.  However, consumers appear less enthusiastic about eating in restaurants. Just 31% of respondents anticipated dining in at restaurants immediately, with 40% indicating that they would hold off in the short term but return within three months.

Overall research shows that depending on the country consumer sentiment varies greatly. What is certain, is that despite pockets of reopening, net consumer optimism has decreased, and most consumers continue to expect a long-lasting impact from COVID-19.

According to McKinsey’s latest research:

  • Even if many countries have lifted stay-at-home restrictions, most consumers still feel the pull toward a “homebody economy.”
  • Consumers want extra reassurance to resume day-to-day activities outside their homes.
  • Consumers also want to see an ongoing emphasis on cleaning and safety.

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Even during these difficult times, Adidas continues to inspire across its commitment to sustainability. In a bid, to accelerate the move to an industry-wide approach to sustainability, they are collaborating with brand AllBirds. The collaborative project, which aims to fast-track solutions to reduce the 700m metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted by the footwear industry annually, will see the two brands coming together to innovate on manufacturing and supply chain processes in addition to exploring renewable material resources.

Following Adidas’s successful initiatives including the Parley collection made from at least 75% intercepted marine trash and its 100% recyclable Futurecraft.Loop trainer. The brand has also committed to a 30% reduction in its carbon footprint by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 as part of its End Plastic Waste initiative.

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With social distancing restrictions and the lockdown still in place in various countries, museums are establishments that have yet to re-open. In the meantime, people are still craving entertainment and culture – to cater to this whilst staying safe, museums around the word have worked on launching digital experiences.

“Tech-savvy curators are getting creative with how the public can access their collections, and many are catering to an online audience with insanely good virtual tours. From ogling Parisian Impressionist works in the Musée d’Orsay to a lesson in ancient Greece from Athens’ Benaki Museum to a voyeuristic archive of ex-lovers’ relics at the Museum of Broken Relationships, there are some fascinating exhibitions at your fingertips – all of which are free.”

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