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What is Three things? Three Things blog posts covers news-bits that showcase an impact on PEOPLE along with INSPIRING works whether it is design, strategy or concept-led, and shares with you entertaining new EXPERIENCES. In other words the I-AM ethos.

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Amid the rise of online shopping, our research states that 74% of consumers prefer physical shops to online shopping (I-AM, 2018). Worth the visit is Adidas’ new flagship store on Oxford Street, with 27,000 sq ft spanning over four stories, the brand is putting customer experience at the forefront of everything they’re doing and merging it with digital features.

Upgrading the changing rooms with RFID technology in the mirrors, allowing product recognition to inform customers of the clothes they are trying. This tech-integration also lets customers – without even having to leave the room – request different sizes, colours and products.

The store’s digital innovations run on 100% green energy, including their ‘BRING IT TO ME’ feature using in-store geolocation tracking, giving customers the option to request items to be brought to them anywhere in the store. It is designed to reduce waiting time by eliminating queuing and create a more seamless in-store experience.

Other features include, the ‘Hype Wall’ to host the latest sneakers launches and product customisation, services such as ‘Crep Protect’ to book in-store sneaker cleaning and product testing at their ‘Running Lab.’ In addition to this, Adidas prides itself in creating local-specific products and experiences – therefore it offers London-only product exclusives and features artwork by local creatives.

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According to our latest trends report exploring the future of convenience, over half of healthcare consumers feel that health services could be more convenient; and 38% wanting more in-home healthcare services to be made convenient (I-AM, 2019).

A perfect instance of our ‘Care-venience’ trend is Japanese healthcare start up mediVR by KAGURA, harnessing the latest technological innovations to advance medicine and healthcare through a new virtual reality platform. Kagura uses off-the-shelf Virtual Reality gaming components to improve rehabilitation in patients who’ve suffered a stroke or who have Alzheimer’s, amongst other issues. The VR platform can help patients regain both physical and cognitive skills through various virtual exercises that can be done wherever, including at home.

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Christmas can have a heavy impact on the environment and according to Zero Waste Goods, 70% of Brits this Christmas want to ‘Go Green’ and reduce the impact they are having on the environment.

With that in mind, London’s Annual Zero Waste Christmas Market will be exhibiting various sustainable brands, all with the same goal: to reduce waste, having a positive impact on the environment – with all the profits to be donated to planting trees. The market rules also include a zero-to-landfill policy – only recyclables will be sold; zero plastic packaging, so make sure to bring your trusty tote; and a deposit-mug scheme, just in case you fancy another mulled wine!

London’s Annual Zero Waste Christmas Market, located at the Boiler House, 152 Brick Lane, offers just that. The market will open on the 7th of December from 10:30 – 20:30 and for one day only.

I-AM wish you a Merry ‘sustainable’ Christmas!

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