I-AM THREE THINGS DECEMBER 2018 11th December 2018

What is Three things?

Three Things blog posts covers news-bits that showcase an impact on PEOPLE along with INSPIRING works whether it is design, strategy or concept-led, and shares with you entertaining new EXPERIENCES. In other words the I-AM ethos.

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the moxy

Data and research practice J.Walter Thompson Intelligence published an article showcasing the latest examples of how hotels are evolving – creating meaningful experiences through social environments and connecting travelers with each other. From Marriott’s Moxy hotel partnering with Bumble to create matchmaking sessions to Life House Hotel’s own unique social networking app, which connects guests and locals.

We touch upon similar concepts in our Hospitality Trends Report, with research stating that – 95% of people feel that the hotel has a responsibility to introduce them to local culture and a third of people wanting hotels to offer workshops. I-AM Shift

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vermer google formatted

Google Arts and Culture App has partnered with various world-famous museums and private collectors across 7 countries, to compile a virtual museum showcasing 36 pieces by famous painter Johannes Vermeer. This AR exhibition is easily accessible, download the app and point it towards a flat surface and you have a virtual museum consisting of 7 rooms surrounding you, ta-da! You can also zoom-in and view each piece’s descriptions. One would have to travel the world and visit 18 museums to be able to see each of these pieces, and that is not including “The Concert”, which was stolen and has yet to be found. It is likely as close as one may get to see so many Vermeer pieces in one space, though a virtual-space it is.

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la famiglia rana formatted

The pasta brand La Famiglia Rana has consistently created inspirational concepts to engage with its customers – last year, it collaborated with London based chef Skye Gyngell to create a pasta meal-kit that was insta-friendly, now it presents La Famiglia Rana Insta-spirational Grocer. Resonating perfectly with our Aesthetic Consumption trend from our latest I-AM Shift Dining Trends Report.

This new Grocery pop-up will allow visitors to learn new cooking skills and food photography skills across 50 workshops for 5 weeks, led by members of Italy’s best-loved pasta family and by Instagrammers such as Food Feels and Giulia Mule. Shoppers will also be able to pick and mix ingredients in store to create a ‘Fresh Pasta Meal Kit for Foodies’, discover products from Italy’s small producers and artisans. To top it off, proceeds will be donated to charity partner FoodCycle to provide tasty lunches and dinners for socially-isolated people in the community. It’s open to shoppers on a walk-in basis, 7 days a week until the 16th of December.

(Really into cooking and making pasta? Check out ‘Pasta Grannies‘, celebrating the tradition of handmade pasta with a generation of fabulous Italian women that share with you their secret recipes and techniques.)

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