What an insightful evening! — We’ve just launched our sixth I-AM Shift trends report, this time exploring the future of convenience at Rochelle, Shoreditch.

Titled HERE:NOW, we presented research and trends defining next-generation of convenience, exploring what consumers want from brands and services and putting a spotlight on the innovators creating concepts to challenge traditions and meet new customer needs.

All supported by an analysis of consumer attitudes towards convenience. With our research based on 2000 consumer interviews across the UK, we revealed findings that are sure to inspire designs, strategies and operations in the industry.

Following the talk, I-AM Group Partner, Pete Champion, chaired a Q&A panel of industry experts; including representatives from Not On The High Street, Waitrose, Ask Italian and AHA.com


Q: What is your view on convenience and digital transformation for supermarkets?

“At this time, technology is an enabler of a frictionless shopper journey; however, it’s crucial to know your audiences, whether they want fast checkout and/or be assisted by staff – you need to think of ALL your customers, it’s not always about implementing the latest tech, it has to be relevant and not alienate anyone” – Kevin Hains, Insight Manager at Waitrose & Partners

Q: How are pure play retailers leveraging convenience and connection to differentiate themselves?

“As an e-commerce we strongly believe in humanising technology to leverage the connection we have with our audience. Allowing customers to interact with our partner retailers directly, making it convenient with a human touch. ” – Josephine Hatch, Brand Strategy, Customer Insight, Trend & Innovation at Not On The High Street

Q: With the fast evolving fast casual dining landscape, Is ASK considering partnerships with tech companies or investing in digital transformation?

“In the current landscape, people won’t just come to you unless you are present in the marketplace…As for tech in restaurants I think it’s about focusing on the pain points in the customer journey and how digital integration can remedy this.” – Chris Holmes, Managing Director at ASK Italian

Q: In light of consumers expressing desires for more Sustainable delivery services, are you considering sustainable delivery solutions on a wider scale?

“It’s important to note that with today’s technology investing into more sustainable methods holds ethical benefits but also real commercial advantages for your business.”  – Maron Kristofferson, CEO and Founder of Aha.com

Check out the full report on www.i-amshift.com