I-AM at the Retail Design Expo

In collaboration with Ben & Jerry’s, Pete Champion ( I-AM ) and Chris Sherriff, ( Ben & Jerry’s ) co-presented at the Retail Design Expo on how Ben & Jerry’s tailor their retail brand experience concepts for the European Market.

Key take-outs from the presentation were:

1. As with all brand experience design; start with the consumer! Understand & anticipate as much as possible about the types of customer & their characteristics, the prevalence of each type in each location, and what is most likely to appeal to them.  Aim for a People – Inspired Experience!

2. Avoid cliched localisation – for longevity and integrity, local cues must be deep and relevant

3. An immersive Brand & Ultimate product experience (Flagship) is a key opportunity to justify product price positioning as well as amplify brand presence

4. The global brand personality must be translated as more local, still fun but more sophisticated, clever & subtle

5. All concepts should have the same brand personality at the core, but certain variables should be able to flex to make the store experience relevant to it’s location

6. Build a memorable customer journey in the way director would story-board a film

Click the link to review the whole presentation and get in touch to speak to us about your brand experience.