How I-AM Helped Oman Arab Bank Remodel the Bank Branch Experience

I-AM and OAB collaborated to re-invent the branch expression, which has seen an increase in efficiency and customer engagement, with the usage of self service up 38% along with staff reduction by 25%. During this presentation at the RBR Branch Transformation Conference, OAB representative Ibrahim Gailani and I-AM’s Creative Strategy Director Pete Champion introduced their strategy and share how they developed a bank branch, that was modular and scalable across a range of scenarios and sites.

The Key learnings of remodelling the bank branch experience based on I-AM’s work with Oman Arab Bank

1. Not Easy But Worth it: Belief, Advocacy & Determination must flow from the very top down, inspiring buy in from all

2. It Has To Be Done: Branch experience transformation in our digital age is essential not optional

3. Collaboration Is Everything: Maintain a common purpose, focus on the changing lifestyle needs of your audiences, and leverage the power of design

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For more about the work we did with OAB, see the full case study.