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The New Store Experience: Retail Trends Post Covid-19 12th May 2020

In this report, we started to map out the retail trends that have risen during Covid, and analysed how they may impact the future of retail experiences.

What might the new shopping experience look like post-Corona?

What considerations should physical stores take on after this crisis?

How has the pandemic affected consumer behaviour and what does that mean for future brand relationships ?

You can check out the highlights below, and should you want to view the full PDF report, you can get in touch with Lindsay Tarkian at [email protected]

FUTURE OF RETAIL – THE NEW STORE EXPERIENCE : Exploring the potential post-Covid retail trends

This unprecedented crisis, has transformed the way we approach our daily lives – changing our shopping habits from purchase to in-store customer journey. Subsequently, forcing retailers to adapt and develop new solutions to respond to the challenges posed by coronavirus as well as consumer needs. Amid all these emerging trends, which of them will persist and cement themselves – from tech to hygiene, what might the new store experience look like?

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We’ve gathered these insights in the hope of shedding some light on what the future of stores and retail experiences might entail. We hope these various points can support and inspire you amidst this difficult time. Whilst during this period, digital and online touchpoints are key, we strongly believe that physical retail experiences will still have a great role to play; especially in strengthening customer relationships and supporting brand loyalty. “The New Store Experience” report introduces considerations for the future, on how you might adapt your physical experience and customer touchpoints efficiently. If you want to find out more about what this means for your brand, and view the full report, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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