Mauricio García
Regional Director
Latin America

Mauricio has a BS in Economics and a post-graduate degree in Investment Banking from New York University.  He has wide experience in strategy and project management, customer experience and branding.  He started his professional life in the late 90s in Bogota, Colombia, as financial analyst at Banco de Crédito, where he made a flourishing career to become Head of Corporate Strategy. Tasked with the long-term strategy and high impact projects, Mauricio led the brand transformation that turned Banco de Crédito into Helm, the world’s first multi-sensory bank that soon became a benchmark in customer experience design in Latin America.

Mauricio joined I-AM in 2018 to strengthen our presence in Latin America, one of the fastest growing regions in the globe.  His experience in strategy, combined with I-AM’s global experience in banking, hospitality and retail, creates a formula that endorses our commitment to continue deepening our knowledge and industry expertise, to our clients’ benefit.