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Consumers today have higher expectations than ever when it comes to the brands they choose to spend money with. Your automotive brand is no different and to succeed it’s got to communicate the qualities and values that will resonate with your customers. We can help you identify who these customers are, what they’re looking for from you and how you can create a brand that is built for success.

We work flexibly to design the brand ecosystem that your business needs. This may include branded vehicles, parking areas, retail and consultation lounges through to advertising and printed materials. What sets our approach apart is that we put your customers at the heart of everything that we do.

Automotive Company Branding in London

When we start working together, we’ll take the time to understand the world that your business operates in. We want to know how your brand is perceived and which other brands your customers are considering when you want them to choose you. We have a variety of ways of going about doing this, from desk side research to visiting the retail spaces of other brands and, of course, speaking to customers.

Speaking to customers allows us to start profiling your precise target audience, incorporating other lifestyle traits and behaviours that we can use to inform the work that we do with you. We package all of this insight into stimulus for workshops, which we run with your team in order to articulate and map out the key differentiators and characteristics of your brand before the design work begins.

Branding for Leading Automotive & Transport Businesses

Armed with the outcomes of our research and the workshops, our team will explore a number of possible design routes for your automotive brand. We begin by casting the net wide so that when we regroup with your team, we can collaboratively discuss and debate the right design direction to develop further. This might be one of the routes we present, or a combination of elements from a few that together resonate the most with our target audience.

Our work towards the final design concept begins once feedback has been consolidated and approved by your team, ensuring we are aligned before the creative work takes complete shape. With design finalisation will come the other core elements that make up your brand, including confirmation of colour ways and the full articulation of your brand’s tone of voice. We’ll use these elements to apply the brand to your specific needs and requirements. We want to create something that grows with your business so that there is always a branded solution as new needs arise.

Work with us

Our work in this area is comprehensive and we’ve tackled everything from the launch of a new brand to the creation and implementation of the guidelines that multi-national brands need to stay consistent and authentic. Ask us about projects that we’re currently working on, and how we can help your automotive brand embark on the next stage of its journey.

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