Getting from A to B is often an experience we’d like to be over and done with as quickly as possible. We want to reach our destination, and so we endure the journey. At I-AM, we don’t think it has to be that way, and we’re not alone. Innovative brands in the sector are realising there are opportunities to be had. If you can exceed expectations – which are low – and find a way to make any kind of journey a more rewarding affair, then customers can fall in love with your transport brand.

From airport retail and lounges to car hire companies and automotive support centres, we’ve worked successfully with clients to create experiences that bring a touch of unexpected delight to everyday interactions with transport related brands.

Automotive and Transport Design Agency

The needs of your brand will be unique and depend on the touch points in the experience you offer your customers. Our work in this sector reflects the diversity of the types of businesses that are out there, but what doesn’t change is our customer centric, people inspired approach.

When we start working together, we’ll begin by investigating who your customers are: how can we characterise them, what do they like and dislike and what are they looking for from a brand like yours? We want to make sure that everything we do relates back to the needs and expectations of your customers. This will ensure an enjoyable brand experience for them and, vitally, make it much more likely that the project we run together meets its business objectives. So we’ll always consider our design work through the eyes of the customer, keeping us on track whilst we work collaboratively with you to deliver on the aims of the project.

Design for the Automative and Transport Industry

Our technical expertise in customer journey flows and missions means that as well as creating inspiring concepts, we create spaces that actually deliver the functionality you need. We will design to maximise efficiency in the customer experience and to make it as frictionless as possible. In a sector where consumers feel that every second counts, we don’t underestimate the importance of effective design when it comes to time saved.

You know your brand and customers better than we ever could, so throughout the design stages of the project we will continually review our progress together. This means we reach our final concept iteratively and once we do, we offer the same level of service throughout the build stages. Our designers can act as brand guardians for as long as you need to ensure contractors and specialists are aligned to making the final concept vision the reality.

Work with us

We’ve helped a variety of automotive and transport brands create optimised experiences for their customers. For a flavour of our work you can explore the integrated after-care environment we created with Brisa (Bridgestone), airport retail branding The Loop, and car rental giant Enterprise. Then speak to us about the needs of your transport brand.


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