Restaurant Interior Design


Imagine it’s the opening day of your new restaurant. Reviews are in and they’re glowing: exceptional food, service, and inspired interior design to match. Everything matters. It’s the entirety of the experience that your customers will be enjoying and good interior design is a crucial component for success.

Let us work with you to bring your restaurant brand to life with interior design that elevates your food offer, evokes an emotional bond with your customers and leaves a lasting impression.

We are restaurant interior designers

We live and breathe good restaurant design, with experience that goes back decades and an eye on where the trends are going next. But our success depends on you, on your big idea and the vision you have for your restaurant. That’s why we take such a collaborative approach to projects and why we’ll work with you from day one to define what we’re creating and how it benchmarks against the best of the competition

With you, we’ll go out to visit best in class destinations for both dining and hospitality; it’s a chance for us to get to know each other and to begin living the market you’ll be operating in. We’ll also spend time researching your customers, figuring out what they’re eating at the moment and what they’ll be looking for with you.

Once we know your customers, it’s all about you and articulating your concept through a structured process of story boarding and visual cues. By taking the time to create customer personas and a visual brief with you before we do anything else, we’re ensuring that what we later design aligns with your creative thinking and that it continues to relate back to what your target customers want and need.

We create interior design for restaurants

Our approach is deeply rooted in a commitment to creating interior design that is functional for your business operations and at the same time elevates the dining experience and delights customers. We facilitate open dialogue with kitchen designers and other experts and continue to work with you through all stages of the design process, constantly testing and tweaking ideas until we collectively deliver a concept that delivers on all fronts.

Your relationship doesn’t end with us when you sign off the design concept – we can be with you throughout all stages of the build, right up to opening night and beyond. As your design partner, we want to be there to help your restaurant grow and evolve. That means that as you open your second, third or even tenth location we’ll be there with a design that’s flexible and scalable for you to reach your business goals.

Work with us

Together with our clients, we’ve been recognised with industry awards in the UK and internationally for the standards set by our restaurant interior design work. See how we worked with restaurants like Ethos and Jan and then let us help you realise your vision. Who knows, it might lead to us standing together on an awards stage one day, too.