Restaurant Branding


Your brand can be summed up simply as the impression your customers take away from the experience that you give them. You know that your fantastic food offer will impress and now you need it to be wrapped up in an experience that matches. This is everything from the physical environment of your restaurant, to your packaging, your staff’s attire and demeanour, your website and social media.

We’ve worked with everyone from established national brands to new start-ups and mastered a creative approach that will deliver restaurant branding that truly champions your offer in every way.

We create restaurant branding strategies

For a restaurant brand to succeed, it’s got to have as much business acumen as visual punch. That’s why we’ll start our work with you with two considerations: who are you and who are your customers? By considering what you do, how you do it, and how you’re different we can start to understand who your customers are and why you matter to them. Our goal is to pinpoint your target audience and brand personality, putting some real strategy behind your idea before we start exploring how to convey it visually.

We want your restaurant to thrive and grow and so everything we design will be flexible and scalable. You’ll prove the concept with the first restaurant and and then when it comes to opening number two or two hundred? The brand strategy we create together will continue to serve you throughout the journey, helping you grow organically with an identity that evolves as your needs as a business owner develop and change.

Branding for restaurants

For your brand to be authentic, it has to be rooted in your offer. It must bring to life the pleasure of your cuisine through evocative visual design. For each brand this will mean something unique, which is why our approach to brand strategy is iterative. We’ll work through a design process with you until we reach a brand identity that realises its potential, that reflects and celebrates your food and brings your customers back time and time again.

Restaurant rebranding

Are you already running a restaurant that needs a brand refresh? Trends, tastes and your customers’ expectations change over time. We can help you develop your existing brand so that it holds its own amongst the top players in your market today.

We’ll take you through a process of identifying the essence of your brand and highlighting what in the current experience resonates with that. From there we will build out the visual language holistically so that you can easily apply the new identity to every element of your restaurant business.

Work with us

Every restaurant starts with a great idea and succeeds because that idea becomes a full, branded experience that is easy for customers to remember and easy for them to recommend. Find out how we delivered on that promise for the likes of Costa, Ethos and Pod, then speak to us about making it the reality for your restaurant.