I-AM is a world-class restaurant design and branding agency

You’re passionate about food and driven by exciting ideas, we’re experts at bringing that to life with award winning restaurant designers. Nothing excites us more than working with a full spectrum of clients, from global market leaders looking to refresh their offer to a start-up with a new concept and heaps of enthusiasm. We design bars, cafes and restaurants and learn from everyone that we work with to stay ahead of the curve and bring innovative, out-of-the-box thinking to every project.

International Restaurant Design Agency

Consumers today are spoilt for choice at every meal. Your product offer has to be outstanding and accompanying it you need a brand strong enough to compete with the heaviest hitters on the high street.

It’s possible. You’ve got the idea and we’re the restaurant designers with the world class strategy and creativity to realise it. We’ll begin with a collaborative review of your concept and aspirations so that we can create an actionable plan that is tailored to you. Then we’ll work through concept designs to reach a brand that has integrity and the flexibility to be applied across your business landscape from logo to website to interior design.

Restaurant & Bar Design

Eating out or going for a drink might be an almost everyday experience nowadays, but it’s still one that many of us take great pleasure in. It’s also a journey, where we move from simple awareness, hearing about a new haunt perhaps online or through word of mouth, right out into the world to find it, and then through the door and into the delights that hopefully reside within.

Our Restaurant Design & Branding Journey

We’ll take you on this journey and together we will storyboard the perfect encounter between your customer and the physical space your brand occupies. Our objective is to marry the experience you want to offer with the experience your customers want to have. Our team of creative thinkers and doers will be there every step of the way, from conception through the build and during completion to ensure that you are left with a brand experience that blows people away.

Contact I-AM and work with us on your restaurant experience

We work with restaurant and bar owners, as well as brands in the food and beverage industry. Our full range of services covers everything from name generation, brand identity creation and interior design to website design, apps, packaging and marketing strategies.

Delve into the projects we’ve launched successfully with the likes of Wall’s, Ethos and Itsu and then speak to us about bringing your F&B idea to life.

We are an award-winning food, drink & restaurant design agency working with renowned brands from all over the world. No challenge is too much for our team of experienced designers who will work with you to bring your ideas and creativity to life. Contact us today to start the discussion.