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I-AM is an award-winning design agency working with leading international hospitality brands

You’re passionate about hospitality experiences and motivated by innovative ideas. We specialise at translating these ideas into world-class hotel design concepts and brand strategies.

We love working with clients across the world ranging from international groups to boutique hotels wanting to refresh their identity, launch a new brand or heighten their customer journey and experience.

We Are Hotel Brand Experience Designers

The way we live is changing, empowering technology, wider choices and disruptor brands, all aim to satisfy our every need instantly. Todays’ customer expects holistic experiences – with leading brands offering more, delivering faster and adapting to customer needs efficiently. Our unique approach helps enrich your brand experience, delight customers, build brand advocacy and create a positive business performance.

Our collaborative approach begins with various workshops and research stages that include a brand audit, target customer identification, brand key workshop and customer journey mapping.

With that research and insight, we can also help you develop a brand hierarchy based on your existing hotel group portfolio. We can then complete the design of your brand identity that includes the likes of logo, brand communication, collateral and asset creation as well as environmental branding.

Hotel Branding Design Agency

We focus on understanding your brands’ strategic targets and analyse your consumer needs to create a suite of brand assets that best communicate and highlight your brands’ tone of voice, personality and positioning.

For hotel groups, we can also review the group portfolio to help better define and structure your brand architecture. For example, we help you differentiate your core proposition from more destination-focused sub-brands. Specifically structuring your standard tier for rollout design purposes and branding your endorsed tier to cater to a boutique or destination proposition.

Hotel & Hospitality Interior Designers

Lobby & Communal Space Design

Based on the customer journey and brand identity, we design spaces that reflect the essence of your brand offer to your guests. We help you create an environment that brings your brand values to life and introduces them to your customers in an engaging way; we do so by applying the design concept across all touchpoints. The design we provide you with is a holistic brand experience.

Hotel Room Design

For the room designs, we do a planning session to assess the multiple formats you might need to cater to the various types of rooms. We apply your brand identity across the design concepts and make sure to implement signature-brand design features. We lead with the main design concept, with interior design and branding for standard tier rooms. We then create supporting design features for your sub-brands, layered over the main design concept.

Hotel Restaurant and Bar Design

To create a complete hospitality experience, we work with you to develop food and beverage propositions. From the lobby bar to café and restaurants, we can design these spaces to suit your brand’s needs and target audience. In the same way, we analyse the customer journey and apply this to the hotel guest experience, we consider each eatery as a standalone offer as well as how it fits into your broader hotel proposition.

Hotel Website Design – Mobile & Desktop UX

After researching the competitive landscape with you and assessing your preferences and needs across UI, UX design and wireframes, we develop an initial concept. This first concept applies the branding on key pages, allowing you to preview. Following this, we create a full concept that includes the entire website suite and a handover pack ready for the build. The design incorporates core applications needed for a fully integrated online hospitality user experience. We can also liaise, and project manage the web developers, to make sure the build is faithful to what we have designed.

Hotel Brand Launch Strategy

We know launching a new brand or a rebrand can be daunting, therefore we can offer guidance and expertise to develop your brand launch strategy. From conceptual ideas to design and implementation, we can work with you to raise awareness in a way that considers your target audiences and all your brand touchpoints.

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