Health & Wellbeing


You’re passionate about wellbeing experiences and motivated by innovation in healthcare. We specialise at translating these ideas into global design concepts and leading brand strategies.

We enjoy working with clients across the world ranging from international groups to start-ups wanting to create or refresh their identity, launch a new brand or elevate their customer journey and experience across physical and digital touchpoints.

We are Healthcare and Wellness Brand Designers

Healthcare is a crucial part of our lives, when health is lost all else pales into insignificance. However, our lifestyles are evolving from empowering technology to a wide variety of choices and new players across the sector. Consumer expectations have risen and with other sectors having transferred to the virtual world, consumers anticipate a similar experience from the healthcare industry.

Our approach is a collaborative one, which starts with different types of workshops and research stages that include a brand audit, target audience analysis, brand key workshop and customer journey mapping.

Using that research and insight, we can also help you develop a brand hierarchy based on your existing healthcare services and group portfolio. We can then design your brand identity that includes the likes of logo, brand communication, marketing collateral and asset creation together with environmental branding.

Health and Wellness Branding 

Wellness and prevention care have become pillars for healthcare providers and consumers, as the lines between fitness, self-care and self-help have become blurred. Wellbeing and healthcare are merging into everyday life for many people, leading to an increase interest into brands, experiences and services that can offer and support a holistic approach to health, that includes mind, body and soul.

Our aim is to understand your brands’ strategic targets and potentially your long-term business objectives; this is supported by an analysis of your consumer lifestyles’ and needs to create a suite of brand assets that best communicates and highlights your brands’ tone of voice, personality and positioning.

Healthcare Facilities and Wellbeing Centres Interior Design

The fastest way to ruin a customer experience in healthcare is to treat everyone the same. Patients don’t want to feel like just another number. They want an experience that can assist them in finding the right solutions efficiently and a journey that can support them through what might be a complicated time. It is more than convenience it is about personalisation of the medical journey where possible. This makes the physical spaces and inpatient care facilities a core touchpoint of the customer journey. There are great opportunities for health and wellness providers to create an environment that is representative of their values whilst catering to modern consumer needs from both a functional and emotional perspective.

Based on the customer journey and brand identity, we design spaces that showcase the essence of your brand offering to your patients and/or visitors. We create an environment that brings your concept to life and presents your brand to your customers in an engaging and comforting way. The design we provide you with is a holistic brand experience informed by consumer insight and research, your objectives and our expertise.

Healthcare User Experience Design and Digital Applications

In an era of digital empowerment, it is evident that consumers expectations around convenience has increased. Digital is and will continue to play a central role in helping consumers gain agency as patients. Telecom and tech companies offer breakthrough in virtual outpatient care; however, the user experience and service design often lack a user-friendly and consumer experience lens. We can help in devising an insight-led user interface that introduces your services in an engaging and interactive format. Moreover, between our branding capabilities and digital insights team, we can assure that your UX elevates your brand image and properly highlights your solutions to your users. We can also liaise, and project manage the web and app developers, to make sure the build is faithful to what we have designed.

Health and Wellness Provider Website and App Design

Alike our other projects we have a research stage for digital design development, this would be centred around your customers or potential audiences and in some cases your employees. Should you have an existing app or site, we would begin the project with a system analysis, this stage includes benchmarking and reviewing the existing digital system in place. Our approach includes a user experience workshop to understand the competitive landscape with you and assess your preferences and needs across UI and UX designs.

Following this, we’d enter the structural stage, where we can create an initial concept route to be applied across wireframes so you can start visualising the user journey, should you want to push this even further we can go into prototype development and testing. In certain cases, we also offer a product definition workshop, particularly useful if you want more assistance in understanding the depth and scope of the functionalities you should have in relation to your brand proposition. Finally, we will reach visual concept stage during which we will introduce the brand applications across the user interface, in other words, solidifying your look and feel. Once again, we can do another usability test post brand application.