Fast-Casual Dining


Fast-casual is one of our favourite dining trends. It’s innovative, ever-evolving and we’re always excited to work with businesses on a mission to introduce something new to the scene.

Have you developed the next big fast-casual offer that will take diners by storm? Let’s combine it with our emphasis on creating people inspired experiences and create a fast-casual restaurant that delivers on your ambition and is unmissable for your target audiences.

We are fast-casual restaurant designers

Whether you’re a new player or have a business that needs a refresh, the high energy fast-casual dining scene can be a daunting one to enter. However, with us, you have safe and experienced hands to guide you through it. We were one of the first creative agencies to capitalise on the trend over ten years ago and we’d love to continue our trailblazing work with you and your project.

We can help make your vision a living, breathing dining space. We’ll work closely with you to first understand who your customers are, then use them as a guide to visualise your idea. Our inspiration will be taken from the best in fast-casual today, both locally and globally.

We share our design process with you, prioritising regular, open sessions to share progress and feedback. The successful design concept is one we’ve reached together, combining your unique idea with our expertise in fast-casual restaurant design for a result that truly wows customers.

We create fast-casual dining experiences

Experience has taught us that you have to take a specific approach to fast-casual design. On the surface, the experience has to stimulate, inspire and encourage customer loyalty, whilst underneath there needs to be a well-oiled machine capable of withstanding the pressure of serving 500 meals an hour. It’s something of fine art.

How is it done? Well, queue management, menu design, counter design, and seating layout are all crucial – but so is an impactful brand personality that customers are going to be drawn to and remember.

In a dining sector where competition is often especially fierce, we call it the 50-metre challenge: ‘can you get customers to walk 50 metres past the competition and through your door?’. We’d suggest that a strong brand and how it translates to a unique and enjoyable physical space is your best bet for winning the challenge and we can help you achieve it.

Work with us

Our work with Chilango set a new standard for fast-casual restaurant design that we’re proud of to this day. Since then we’ve worked with numerous owners and operators to develop new ideas or give refreshed direction to existing businesses. Discover the Chilango story, as well as our work with Pizza Union and Lumee, then speak to us about taking your idea to the next level.