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Establishing a business as a clearly defined fashion brand is potentially one of the most difficult things to get right within this competitive sector.

With the emergence of the ever-evolving online offer and a wave of new designers and High Street fashion stores making their mark, the importance of making oneself stand out from the crowd is of paramount importance… and then some.

London Fashion Branding Agency

It’s not just about having a brand with a visual identity, although clearly that helps. Fashion brands need to tell a story. They need to get to the heart of what has motivated and enthused them to become a reality.

Successful fashion branding needs to be seen as a real window of opportunity. The house has to be built before you can move in, is the perfect analogy.

Branding is all about how you make people feel. It’s about the fundamental core of the brand. The tradition, the values, the artisan qualities and what makes you memorable among the vast competition.

Additionally, behaviour and consistency are two extremely important elements to consider so that potential consumers can relate emotionally to a brand. Losing consistency, changing tack, and non-meaningful brand descriptions lose credibility with a potential audience.

Fashion Branding in the 21st Century

Too many fashion brands will use words such as ‘stylish’, ‘fashion-focused’, ‘sophisticated’, ‘premium’ and ‘disruptive’. But what does this actually mean and what does it tell you about a brand?

Garnering understanding, comfort, acceptance and the ability to challenge are incredibly powerful and must-have tools for a fashion brand to have.

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