Fashion Store Design

We specialise in getting underneath the skin of fashion brands, to fully understand the brand story and behaviour, which in turn sets the platform for every brand communication, both internally and externally.

From insight and brand workshop sessions through to store tours and curating and executing in-store and pop-up designs, I-AM works collaboratively with clients through a bespoke methodology of key stages dependent on requirement.

Retail Clothing Store Design

Our service includes brand communications, where we identify and communicate key and worthwhile stories to targeted media and opinion formers about the business and its people, branching into client press days and bespoke collaborations, launches and events.

The brand communications arm also involves the traditional product placement service from our showroom here at I-AM where we can also facilitate media one-to-ones, events and photo shoots.

Our ever-evolving mission is to work with like-minded people and brands, those that understand the importance of fully immersing ones-self into a brand and having an aligned and business-wide handle on core values and DNA.

We know if we have this right and we have everyone singing from the same hymn-sheet, then the proactive work that follows, be it events, design, retained communications or collaborations will be an enjoyable experience.