Real Estate Interior Design

Real Estate Interior Design

Your customers come to you to make a substantial investment and a life changing decision. Whether you have an established business or you’re just starting out, the experience you offer in your consultation lounge is paramount to giving clients the reassurance and comfort they need to do business with you. We use an understanding of your customers’ mindset, combined with an expertise in designing for the real estate sector, to create spaces that will exceed expectations and ultimately drive business performance.


Real Estate Interior Design in London

To design successfully, we have to start by understanding who you are, who your customers are, and how to bring to life the ways that your business best serves their needs. We use a simple workshop format to identify those key differentiators, which then allows us to analyse each stage of the journey that your customers will take with you.

Using the structure of a story board, we will explore how customers encounter your brand: what do they see from the street as they approach your consultation lounge, what makes them walk through the door and what do they find when they take that step. We’ll bring this all to life by pulling inspiration and examples from your own sector, as well as best in class hospitality from around the world and of course the character of your own branded identity.


Real Estate Interior Design Agency

The outcome of our initial work together will be a brief that encompasses who your customers are and what they need, with a step-by-step visual guide for designing a physical space that meets those needs. We will use this brief to continually benchmark our progress, ensuring the design stays true to the priorities we set at the outset.

Once we begin designing, our consideration will include the balance of space between the open lounge that welcomes customers in, and the need to provide private advice and conversation. We know how important communicating a neighbourhood is for the consultation lounge, so we’ll explore interesting and innovative ways of doing this. Depending on your brand and your customers, this might include digital screens and locally inspired artwork or even cutting edge technology like VR.

Working with us means you get a team of specialists who are with you every step of the way. Following concept, we provide detailed technical drawings for tender. We’ll then accompany you throughout the build process as design guardians and to make any adaptations needed once a site is found. This can give you more time to focus on every other aspect of the new opening. Then, as your business evolves and changes, let us work as design partners to grow with you.


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Our wealth of experience designing world class consultation lounges is the result of working with world class clients who, like us, have a passion for people-centred experiences. Explore online, or visit the spaces we have created with Keatons, Douglas & Gordon, Strutt & Parker, and Dumankaya. Then let’s talk about achieving the same success with your real estate brand.

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