Real Estate Branding

Real Estate Branding

As a real estate agent, you accompany your customers through some of the most complex and high-value transactions of their lives. Your brand is crucial to conveying the trust, authority and integrity that customers need for reassurance when they come to you. Whether your project is to create a new brand or breathe new life into an existing offer, we can help. Together we will identify and maximise the stand out features that mean the decision to choose you will be an easy one for your customers to make.


Real Estate Branding in London

Our expertise at I-AM lies in identifying how to shape your brand to meet the needs and wishes of your customers. We start every project with tailored workshops – workshops that have been designed to produce highly individualised outcomes. If you have an existing brand, we’ll work with you to assess its effectiveness in the marketplace and we’ll articulate its essence and its mission amongst other key traits. For a new offer, we work through the same workshop activities to identify and start to define an opportunity in the market.

Alongside the deep dive into the brand, an important part of this early stage is to hone in on your customers and find out who they are and what they’re looking for from you. Our goal is to understand your customers to such an extent that we can establish how your brand can effectively resonate with them. Why? If we design to a brief that answers that question then we can drive client satisfaction and advocacy and therefore, crucially, your business performance.


Branding for Real Estate Agents

The team of branding experts you’ll meet during the workshops will accompany you throughout the project. We start by exploring different design routes, which will express the essence of your brand that  agreed upon during the initial project stages. Our work is collaborative and we progress from the routes only when armed with your full feedback, developing one concept across the full spectrum of your branding needs.

We can apply the developed concept to all the branded collateral that your business needs. This might include physical signage, property notices, stationery and marketing materials. We tailor each project proposal to align with your requirements and we can always return to the work at a later date, should your list of deliverables expand or the time comes to refresh your brand again.


Work with us

A real estate brand that conveys trust to clients and authority in the market, all wrapped up in an identity that is thoroughly unique and memorable. That’s the goal and with the right design partnership, it’s possible. Explore the successful brands we’ve played a part in creating for the likes of Keatons, BOP and Panchshil and then speak to us about branding for your real estate agency.