Real Estate

Real Estate Branding and Design

Buying a home is one of the biggest, most important financial decisions somebody can make, so it’s vital for you as an estate agency to instill a strong level of confidence in your services right from the start. We believe that an estate agent should be more than just a ‘high street office’. It should portray an all-encompassing brand identity that really tells your clients who you are even before they meet and speak to you.

With over ten years of experience providing world-class branding and design services to the property industry, we bring a wealth of sector knowledge to any project. From a comprehensive estate agent branding (or rebranding), to interior design work, or designing and developing a new website for your estate agency; our expertise as a property branding agency can help bring your marketing aspirations to fruition.

Whether you’re a new start-up estate agency looking to establish your brand or an experienced agent ready for a fresh look, our passionate and diversely talented team can assist in all aspects of your project. From creating a name and corporate identity to brand communications, apps and websites, to building contemporary, welcoming offices and consultation lounges; throughout any part of your branding project we can help to take that next step and go beyond the conventional to work with you to develop what will become the pioneering next generation of estate agencies.

Our Business is your Customers

Our people-inspired approach means we always strive to put your customers at the heart of everything we do; your customers’ experience should always be given priority. That’s why, no matter what the size of the project, we always begin by creating a customer profile. By figuring out the character of your customers we will identify who they are, what they want, and what your estate agent branding needs to convey to convince them to choose you.

It doesn’t matter if they’re buyers, renters, or sellers, by profiling who your customers are at the very start of our collaboration we can reference those character archetypes as we move through each stage of the process, continually benchmarking the effectiveness of what we create against what we’ve identified as the core desires and attractions of your client-base.

Branding for Real Estate

Your brand is crucial to reassure your customers that they’re making the right decision in choosing you. It needs to convey trust, authority, and integrity, instilling a confidence in you as the best real estate agency to help them through one of the most complex and high-value transactions of their lives. With our highly effective property agency branding techniques we focus on what makes your position in the marketplace unique, pinpointing the essence of your ethos and mission to establish what it is about your business that will, or does, resonate with your clients. Once we have a customer profile to benchmark against, we can work with you to develop a holistic and comprehensive brand model that can focus your real estate marketing on driving client expectation, satisfaction and, crucially, your business performance.

Initially, we will offer you a variety of different design routes to consider, each encapsulating aspects of your estate agency’s essence. Collaborating with you throughout, we develop a design partnership, progressively refining and focusing our concepts in accordance with your feedback to develop a singular concept that can be used across the full spectrum of your property branding needs.

We approach each project as unique, requiring a bespoke selection of materials and deliverables, allowing for fluid adaptation to suit your needs. Ranging from physical signage and property notices to stationery and digital marketing materials, our final concept can be applied to all the branded collateral your business needs. And because we will tailor all our work to suit your specific requirements, we can always return to the project at a later date to expand, update, or refresh your brand as and when your property branding needs change.

Estate Agents Interior Design

Ask yourself, what kind of impression does your real estate office project? Is it what you want to communicate with your prospective clientele? Or do you want to show them something different?

Our expertise in estate agents interior design has allowed us to determine exciting and effective ways of tapping into your customers’ mindset to create spaces that will exceed expectations and ultimately drive business performance. We do this by working with you to explore your customer base and consider the journeys that they (a) expect to take, and (b) actually take upon entering an estate agent office.

Your customers are coming to you to make a potentially life-changing decision. So their experience needs to be one of reassurance and comfort, but that also recognises and affirms the excitement and enthusiasm they are doubtlessly feeling. We work with you to develop the ideal design for your consultation lounge and offices so that it takes full advantage of the space at three pivotal junctures of the customer journey: what they see from the street, what draws them in through the door, and what they will find upon entering. We’ll bring your office design vision to life with a carefully measured balance of your own brand identity and character, while also pulling inspiration from suitable examples within the estate agency sector and best-in-class hospitality.

Our goal is to communicate your brand to your customers through the medium of a physical space. We aim to strike a delicate balance between the welcoming nature of an open lounge and the security of private spaces designed for exclusive consultations, real estate advice, and private conversations. Of course every brand is different, and we will explore interesting and innovative ways to communicate what your specific message is, whether that be with locally inspired artwork, digital screens, or even cutting-edge technology like VR.

But working with us doesn’t stop at the drawing board. Our eclectic team of specialists stay with you every step of the way, from concept to design, right through the build process. We remain as your design guardians, poised to protect the fundamental foundations of your brand and offices while making any necessary adaptations needed along the way. Then, once it’s all finished, we can evolve into your design partners, already experienced in your brand and vision, ready to help your business grow with you.

Web Design for Estate Agents

Your website is often the first opportunity you have to communicate with your potential clients and allow them to interact with your brand. And that is why having a strong digital presence is an absolute necessity for every real estate agency.

Your website and its design gives you an excellent chance at a first impression; it can define you as a business and show your customers what they should expect when they come to you. By absorbing your company’s brand, ethos, and messaging into all aspects of your estate agent website design you can deliver a consistent, holistic experience for your customers, providing a fluid transition from the digital to the physical.

When we are engaged in a website design project for estate agents we focus on the customer journey and user experience to find the best ways to adapt your new site to suit their needs, building something that is not only easy to use, but pleasant to do so. Because the easier it is for a user to find what they’re looking for, the more likely you’ll achieve the conversions you’re aiming for.

Our tried and tested methodology involves starting out with various design concepts before working with you to whittle them down and refine our work until we arrive at a singular completed product that is the best choice for you. We’ll develop each page of your new website to maintain a balance of process and functionality with aesthetic and your brand concept, continuously testing and collaborating with you, to ensure seamless consistency. Our goal is to help you achieve a united digital and real-world offering.

Buying a home is one of life’s most emotionally charged decisions; the experience you offer your customers should reflect that.