Educational Interior Design



Whatever age of student your organisation exists to educate, it is important that its physical spaces inspire and facilitate learning. Students need to feel supported and encouraged in their studies in order to succeed; good, intelligent design is at the heart of making this happen.

Through projects with colleges, universities and self education brands as well as our work more broadly in designing people inspired experiences for hospitality brands, we have become experts in creating spaces that serve the people that use them. Together with your team, we can elevate your educational organisation’s interior design, setting you apart from competitor organisations and delivering an outstanding experience for your students.

Educational Interior Design Agency in London

We know that the needs of your students will depend on numerous factors, including their ages, expectations and the type of learning that you offer. That’s why we will begin your project with tailored workshops to tease out these particularities. Our workshops are an efficient way to map out what your educational brand stands for, where it sits in the marketplace, and the needs and expectations of the students you hope to attract.

Together, we will consider each step of the student journey and begin articulating design priorities based on identified student needs. Bringing to life the personas of the people who will be using your facilities on a daily basis is crucial to designing with accuracy. It’s an integral part of the approach we take, as we know that starting from a student-centred standpoint means that our design work with you is more likely to bring you long term success.

Interior Design for Schools and Colleges

With the creative brief agreed, your dedicated team will begin putting together design routes using visual references and mood boards. These will be used as stimuli for a more developed discussion with your team about how best to visually meet the creative brief and needs of your student personas. We may collectively decide to pursue one route, or combine favoured elements from the range of routes presented.

The overall design for your college, university or self education facility will follow the journey students take through its different spaces. This journey we will visualise for final approval by your team and, along with technical drawings, for costing with contractors. Our team is comfortable and happy to accompany you throughout the build process, guiding the implementation of the design and providing any adaptations based on site-specific changes as required.

Work with us

Our work across numerous consumer facing sectors has given us unparalleled insight into what makes an exceptional experience for people – including students. We’re proud to have brought this insight to education centres such as Berlitz, Vanta and Birmingham University. Take a look at what was achieved with those clients and then speak to us about creating the same success for your educational organisation.