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Your educational organisation plays a fundamental role in the lives of your students, and you want to make sure that yours is a brand that they are proud to associate with. Coupled with that, there’s more competition in the educational sector than ever before and it’s important that your brand stands out in order to attract the highest calibre of future student. Invest in your brand as a source of authority, integrity and pride and you’ll be on your way to creating the kind of advocates that will continue to benefit your organisation for many years to come.

Educational Branding Agency in London

When students are faced with a choice of where to go for their education, your brand becomes the vehicle through which you can communicate your story and credentials to become their preferred choice. Our approach is all about taking the time to articulate the factors that will go into branding your unique identity: what makes your organisation different, where it is positioned in the market, and why students will choose you. We work collaboratively to draw out your story using tailored workshops where your team will map the student experience with associated words, images and ideas.

This work will form one part of a creative brief for the project, alongside another workshop that will bring to life the profiles of your current and future students. We seek full alignment with your team to understand who we are designing for, creating defined personas so that we can continue to benchmark the effectiveness of our work as we move towards your final brand design.

Branding for International Educational Organisations

Our work with you will continue to be iterative once the foundation of the creative brief is in place. We will invite feedback on design direction as your brand takes shape, exploring options that tell the brand story in different ways in order to establish which direction best resonates with target student personas.

The brand we eventually deliver will include all of the core elements such as brand mark, colour schemes, and tone of voice. We can then use those elements to apply the brand to the specific set of collateral requirements that your educational institution has. These might include a website, web portal, brochures, stationery and physical spaces; our list of deliverables is flexible based on your needs.

Work with us

Every educational organisation has a unique story to tell in order to attract students. Our approach to projects – uncovering that story and using a deep understanding of your students in order to define how to tell it – will set you up for success. We’ve been lucky enough to partner with clients all over the world; explore our international work with Berlitz, Vanta and JetKing and then speak to us about becoming the branding design partner for your educational organisation.