The focus on design and branding in education has steadily increased over the past few years. Why has this happened? At all ages, students have more choice than ever before about where, what and how they study. As competition grows, education is becoming more and more like a marketplace.

This is why it is of paramount importance that your organisation – be it college, university, self-education brand, or digital learning resource provider – stands apart from the rest. Whether you’re looking to evolve your customer journey, develop a striking brand identity, a beautifully well designed educational space or your focus is digital, you’ve come to the right place. We have the expertise to work with you on designs that create long term success and will inspire and attract your cohorts of students for years to come.

College and University Design Agency in London

In order to create designs that are successful for you, we have to start by understanding who your current and prospective students are. We take our direction from them. To do this we will work with you to define what they need and how, by designing for those needs, you can meet your organisation’s objectives. We’ll consider a variety of behavioural factors, as well as looking at the other brands they interact with, to establish the direction the design concept takes.

The comprehensive persona profiles we create together will be referenced all the way through the project, used as an ongoing benchmark to ensure we stay on track and true to creating experiences that resonate with your students. This builds authenticity, integrity and ultimately the longevity that your education brand needs to stand out and grow.

Design for Educational Organisations

The journey that a prospective student takes to choose your educational organisation will be longer than, say, a customer marking a purchase in a shop. We believe that providing an exceptional experience at every step of the way is still as crucial. Our broad design expertise means we can take a holistic, omni channel approach to your project. By considering physical and digital touch points in tandem, we are able to curate the overall experience.

Through an iterative process our team will finalise a concept design and then accompany you on the final leg of the journey to make it a reality: build. We’re well versed on communicating with everyone from furniture suppliers to app developers and we’ll be there to oversee the successful implementation of the design we create together.

Work with us

The reality of the education sector today is that it is increasingly consumer-facing. Partnering with us means working with designers who are experts in creating the kinds of experiences that resonate with consumers across multiple industries. We have created end-to-end student centred experiences for educational organisations such as Berlitz, Vanta, and JetKing and designed engaging campus destinations for Birmingham University. Discover that work and then speak to us about what we can create with you.