Financial Branding


The reputation of the financial services industry as a whole has taken a beating over recent years – and often for good reason. As a result, what customers want from their banks is changing. People are seeking out banks they can trust and that behave ethically and transparently as much as offer competitive products and services. Using your brand as a focus to communicate in an authentic way with customers can amplify your differentiation in the market and pay huge dividends.

We are the leading bank and financial branding agency in London

We’ve enjoyed more than 15 years of working with executives who are passionate about positive banking experiences and exceeding their customers’ expectations. With us, your financial brand is in exceptionally safe hands and we will work closely with you to grow and develop it to meet today’s changing market and banking consumer.

Your brand can be your greatest asset and together we can build it with integrity that will last. Every project begins with a comprehensive and strategic evaluation of your current offer, with input from key stakeholders. Using our research methodologies, we will also work together to fully understand and visualise your customers so that we know exactly who your brand is talking to, as well as what they want to hear.

Financial and bank branding services

Your banking brand is evident in every aspect of the experience your customers have with you. This might be digital, physical, or increasingly both. Consistency is key. Yet we understand the challenge in this. Financial institutions are complex and there are financial as well as logistical pressures of rolling out branding changes to a disparate network of touch-points.

Time and experience has made us experts in developing brand identities that can scale and adapt for the multitude of needs that a financial institution has. By using modular design frameworks, we aim to balance impact with cost efficiency. We work with you to understand constraints and recommend the most budget-conscious ways of implementing the new brand, whilst never compromising the positive experiences your customers have.

Work with us

Banking brands from around the world have come to us to create and develop identities that stand out in the market, resonate with customers and ultimately drive business performance. See how powerful branding has shaped Odeabank, Nationwide and Garanti and then speak to us about working together on your next project.