We all know that globally, customers are trending towards using digital technology to fulfil their banking needs. For many banks this means the pressure is on to ensure your branch network continues to be financially viable and provide benefit.

We strongly believe physical branches are still necessary and, reformed in the right way, will play a pivotal role in your bank’s future success. Let us work together to create the branch formats that are right for you; that will attract new customers, optimise services to your existing base, and retain relevance in the digital age.

We are bank branch designers

With our people inspired experiences approach, we understand that a successful branch format solution can vary depending on market, branch locations and customer typology. That’s why we start by determining the nature of your customers and the branches they currently visit, where branches are located, reasons for visiting and current level of experience.

We take the time to speak to your key stakeholders as well as actual customers to get a broad picture of what a revitalised branch network needs to achieve and what people are expecting. Where is the current branch experience feeling short? What best practices might we take from other industries to elevate the customer experience you offer?

Working with us, you benefit from the expertise of experienced branch designers combined with the creativity of looking outside the box for innovative ideas and solutions. The branch offers an unparalleled opportunity for interaction and we work tirelessly to create spaces that facilitate engagement with your brand and your staff. We consider best practice in design and service across every sector in order to design an experience for your customers that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Scalable bank branch format design

What has worked well for one bank is not necessarily transferable to another. That’s why every project is individual for us; we focus on your customers and your business objectives and let them guide our design thinking. Your branch design shouldn’t simply follow the trends but be deeply rooted in your unique brand.

Throughout each project we stay mindful of the financial pressures of rolling out design changes across a branch network. We balance impact with cost efficiency and use modular design frameworks created to maximise cost-effective implementation. Our designs facilitate flexibility, so you can more easily continue to improve as technologies and customer needs evolve.

The result of working with us on a branch format design is a compelling and consistent customer experience that accounts for the unique complexities of your branch network. We’ll consider every possible touch-point from remote ATMs and kiosks, to Automated Digital Branches operated by a skeleton team, to multi-purpose branches in shopping malls and on high streets, to the ultimate brand experience of a Flagship Branch.

Work with us

Redefining branch formats so that they better deliver on customers’ needs and expectations is at the top of the agenda for many world-leading financial institutions. We have worked with Emirates Islamic, Oman Arab Bank and many others to realise their vision. Find out how we did it and then speak to us about designing the future of your branch network.

Establish sound customer journey principles and a modular kit of parts to ensure a consistent customer experience across all of your formats and channels.