ATM Kiosk & Interface Design


You know that a clear and future thinking format strategy is a key part of your bank’s retail strategy – that’s why you’re here. But have you considered the full value of the role played by the ATM or digital kiosk?

As banks seek to adopt new technologies, reduce physical footprints and improve customer service, the kiosk is increasingly taking the spotlight. No longer a purely functional place to transact, technology and design now exists for these touch-points to become distinct brand landmarks that can build awareness and help your bank stand out from the pack.

Working with you to understand your customers and their banking needs, we design kiosks with intuitive interfaces that complement your traditional branch network. When designed well, the kiosk uniquely and proactively reaches out to deliver the services that are needed in the communities your bank serves.

We design ATM and digital kiosks

We understand the potential of the kiosk in your branch network and our approach to designing it for you is the same as it would be for any other format. It all begins with in-depth profiling to articulate the needs of your customers both now and in the future. When we understand who we are designing for, then we can begin answering the questions of the role the kiosk plays, where it should be located and which technologies it should utilise.

Alongside the most relevant functionality and technology, we work closely with you to embed your brand into the design of the ATM and kiosk. By creating a recognisable part of your bank’s ecosystem, we maximise the consistency that customers need in order to adopt new technologies and benefit from the efficiencies in banking that such technologies provide.

Intuitive ATM interface design

The range of services that can be delivered through ATMs and digital kiosks has increased dramatically over the past few years. As well as catering to traditional transactional needs, kiosks can deliver advice based services that satisfy customers and relieve pressure on other touch-points in your network like full branches and call centres.

Effective and intuitive interface design is vital for communicating the full ATM offer. Our in-house specialists use a systematic approach to define missions and their associated work flows, married with design principles that optimise ease of use.

Work with us

We have worked with many of our banking clients to optimise the ATM kiosk in their branch format strategy. Explore our projects with Garanti, Odeabank and TEB and then speak to us about the changing role of ATMs and kiosks in your bank’s future.