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RBR: Branch Transformation 2019 18th November 2019


Super excited to have our great clients Danske Bank, Bawag and CYBG (Virgin Money) presenting at RBR Branch Transformation 2019.

These banks have successfully worked on bringing their branch experiences to the next level, and we are so proud to have had the opportunity to be part of their journey towards transformation.

Below is more on what we did with our clients to help them evolve into world leading branches.

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This latest project transforms the physical relationship between banks and its customers. We worked with CYBG to establish the concept B Works, which formed a new type of banking environment with a financial lifestyle space inspired by the notion of Learn. Work. Bank.

Since its opening in January this year, B Works has received very positive feedback from visitors. Along with people calling the space inspiring, many freelancers and entrepreneurs have been praising the co-working area and the various initiatives, courses and free events.

“B works is now the best performing branch in every product category across the whole CYBG network. Its performance is also 300% better than the next best branch.” 

David Judic, CYBG Head Of Marketing

Following the CYBG and Virgin Money merger and I-AM’s success in creating Manchester’s B Works, we were appointed to collaborate with Virgin Money to enhance their UK network. Working with Virgin Money to create a fresh and dynamic store concept while supporting the UK rollout of their new branch formats across the network.

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With the aim of “Making more possible” we worked with Danske Bank to conceptualise a progressive, showcase destination over 895 square metres, that is a modern yet friendly, multi-functional and an inspiring experience, empowering bank customers to access personal service and information easily, as well as welcoming local businesses and fintech start-ups.

It includes a range of digital technologies, mixed-use interaction spaces including an event and seminar room, and breakout coffee area. This impressive flagship branch in Belfast and the specially-designed co-working space sitting alongside it, allows it to cater to start-ups operating in the financial services sector.

“We have enjoyed a positive and innovative working relationship with I-AM over the years which has helped us transform our Bank concept from being just another Bank among the crowd to being the one the crowd aspire to follow.  When the opportunity came up to refurbished our flagship branch and integrate it seamlessly with the adjoining Fintech workspace we knew we had a great opportunity to deliver something special.  I-AM skilfully ascertained our business and customer needs and translated this into our finest Bank space to date. The final fulfilment of the brief was passed when the first customer entered the refurbished branch and said “Wow!”

Alan Scott, Regional Service Manager, Danske Bank (UK)

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We developed the ‘Distinctly Bawag’ concept, providing a social, welcoming, flexible branch design across three formats – Flagship, Advice Centre and Kiosk – all characterised by a sense of natural harmony, strength and stability, fitting with Bawag P.S.K.’s unmistakably Austrian brand values.  3,000 Bawag P.S.K customers and staff were consulted on the concept design, contributing ideas and suggestions to ensure the new network strategy works for them.

The space is flexible, fit for various uses focussing on financial advice – from private sound proofed meeting rooms, to small seating areas for waiting, or for casual one-on-one conversations with advisors over a coffee. Group tutorials talks and events such as the ‘Digital Learning Hour’ can be hosted by the light and airy community table at the front of the branch.  With self-service ATM’s located in small enclosure for privacy and accessible 24-7, along with the integration of digital services throughout the branch, a multitude of customer needs and missions are met.

“We wanted to transform ourselves to be different. The expert guidance from I-AM provided us with a new level of experience to position our branches for customers financial wellbeing.”

Stefan Winkler Head Of Network Transformation, Bawag P.S.K.

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