‘Grab and go’ fast casual Indian restaurant Pali Kitchen launches in London

‘Grab and go’ fast casual Indian restaurant Pali Kitchen launches in London

Pali Kitchen is a new ‘grab-and go’ Indian food format which has launched in the City of London. The brand has been developed by I-AM, which was briefed to create ‘a leading fast-casual Indian brand in the UK.’ The first branch is located in Bow Lane.

A key objective was to move away from what is perceived as traditional Indian dining in the UK, going from a seated, multi-course meal to a fast casual proposition. The menu offers staples such as curry and lassi, while promising a wide range of customisable dishes.

The restaurant seeks to capture the authentic spirit of India by focusing on the expressions and gestures of its people. This led to the development of iconic characters, represented on interior walls and product packaging. The characters include the ‘Dabbawalla’ who represents a cycle delivery boy lunches, the ‘Chaiwalla’ street tea maker, and ‘Flower Girl’ who represents playful children. The characters are accompanied by notes, in Hindu, describing their day.

The colour palette of the restaurant features a series of natural textured tones, with splashes of bright colours inspired by India’s Holi Festival. Interior styling features a contemporary Indian aesthetic, with a flexible format designed for rollout to future sites.

“Pali Kitchen was an important passion project for I-AM, linking back to our studio in Mumbai and our work there over the year,” says I-AM 3D creative director Paul Tynan. “We wanted to reflect the vibrancy of the culture, which we believe is rooted in the everyday people you meet in this wonderful country – each with their own story to tell.”

Published:20 September 2018 on Retail Design World

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